In this course we will explore the evolution of code as an art form, study the relationship between data and forms of expression and learn effective ways to combine them using digital technologies. We will explore design and computation techniques as well as the integration of analog and digital.

Open to artists and designers of all backgrounds and mediums, this course gives students the skills to understand code and decrypt data in order to effectively convert information into unique visual forms of art and communication. Using Processing, students create works that go beyond standard graphic representation and convey personal expressions that can have implied and/or actual physical presence. Studies of data patterns, movement and form support the formulation of innovative and elegant artworks and design solutions. The course is comprised of studio time, collaborative workshops, viewing sessions and discussions based on student research. Students complete a series of short projects culminating in a final project that technically and aesthetically challenges the boundaries of data visualization. Students examine the projects of designers and artists like Ben Fry, Jer Thorp, Catalogtree, LUST, Daniel Shiffman and Ryoji Ikeda. No prior programming skills required.

Rhode Island School of Design Summer Studies 2012
Course Number : 2012/WK-WKSHP-0399-01
Class hours : Studio Monday, Tuesday 09:00AM - 04:00PM
Classroom : CIT/Mason Building, Room 305
Instructor : Kyuha Shim
Information : Link